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Q. Who is eligible to adopt?

A. Residency requirement:

Any alien or a Filipino citizen permanently residing abroad may file an application for inter-country adoption of a Filipino child.

Comes from a country with whom the Philippines has diplomatic relations and whose government maintains a similarly authorized and accredited agency and that adoption is allowed under his/her national laws.

Age Requirement:

The applicant couple is at least twenty – seven (27) years old at the time of application.

A minimum age gap of sixteen (16) years and a maximum of forty – seven (47) years age gap is maintained between the applicant and the prospective adoptive child.
Marital Status:

The applicant couple should be legally married for a minimum of three (3) years.
If married, they should jointly file for the adoption.

If any one of the spouse applicant has a history of divorce, the second or current marriage should have completed a minimum of five (5) years upon filing of the application.

Single applicant shall not be refused as prospective adoptive applicants. However, they shall be informed that they have a lower priority in being matched with children unless matched with a special needs child (older or sibling group).

Being a Christian country, the Philippines processes inter – country adoption application as long as the prospective parents spouses spiritual/moral/philosophical beliefs, value system, affiliations, attitudes and practices.